How to Pay Your Macy’s Store Credit Card

 Macy's Credit Card

So what can you tell me about Macy’s and their store credit card?

Macy’s is one of the most well-known and beloved department store chains on the globe. With hundreds of stores the world over plus a robust ecommerce site, they sell a ton of clothes, fashion accessories and merchandise for the home, including kitchen gadgets and home décor.

The Macy’s credit card is like most other store credit cards in that you can use them in Macy’s stores to purchase any of their goods, and they offer multiple ways to make payments on your account. However, to make a payment online, you will need to sign up for a Macy’s profile.

How can I create a Macy’s profile for online account management?

Head on over to the Macy’s My Account sign in page to get started. Click on the “create” button (circled in purple in the image below) and fill out the form to completion. Do not forget to add your Macy’s card information in the top-right section of the account creation page, otherwise you will have to navigate there once logged in later.

Another note, while the brand’s sales have proven to be pretty spectacular sometimes, if you are loathe to receive soliciting emails, make sure to check the “Maybe later” box under the “emails” header on the sign up form.

How can I make an online payment on my Macy’s credit card?

  • Go to com/mymacyscard
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click the red “sign in” button

Macy's sign in and register

  • Go to “My Account” and select the pay bill option for your Macy’s credit card
  • Choose how much to pay toward your card balance
  • Enter your payment details (checking and bank info)
  • Submit and verify your payment

Can I make payments over the phone?

Absolutely you can. When you call, make sure to have your Macy’s credit card account number ready as well as your checking account and bank’s routing numbers available. With those prepared, call the free pay-by-phone service by dialing (888) 431-6229 and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

Can I mail in my payments?

Yes, but depending on which Macy’s card you have will determine where you send your payment to. If you have a standard Macy’s store credit card, send your payment to:

Macy's Payments adress

For those of you with a Macy’s American Express card, mail your payment to:

Macy's American Express Payments adress

How about in-store payments, is that possible?

You bet that’s possible. If you want to make an in-store payment, visit any Macy’s and talk to any cashier to submit your bill pay. To find a Macy’s near you, use the Macy’s store locator.

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