How to Pay Your hhgregg Credit Card Balance

hhgregg Credit Card

What can you tell me about hhgregg?

There really is not much to tell. Other than the fact that the hhgregg retailer focuses on selling electronics and appliances for your house, they are a fairly basic shopping destination that you can find throughout almost 20 states across the country.

Why does the company have such a goofy name?

Well, my friend, the company hhgregg was founded by two people whose names are Fansy Gregg (seriously) and Henry Harold. The “hh” comes from Henry while the “gregg” comes from Fansy. Now that you know, I bet you kind of wish you didn’t ask, right?

How do I make an online payment to my hhgregg account?

So, while Google searches might lead you to the hhgregg login and sign up page for an hhgregg online account, that is actually not where you want to be to make payments on your store credit card. To get that task taken care of, follow this:

  • Navigate to the hhgregg Credit Card Login, which is hosted by Synchrony Bank
  • Type your user name and password into the fields at the top of the screen
  • Click “Remember me” to make the site store your user name (please don’t do this if you are using a public or shared computer)
  • Click the “Go” button

hhgregg   Electronics Financing   Synchrony Bank

  • Go to bill payment
  • Enter your payment details – date and amount
  • Enter your payment information – bank account and routing numbers
  • Submit your payment
  • View your payment details and verify they are good, then finalize your payment

User name and password? How do I get those?

Right, well, head back to the Synchrony Bank login page for hhgregg and click the “Register” link near the login (highlighted in purple in the image above). Enter all of the information requested, which will include your account number, last four of your SSN and more, as well as create the user name and password. With your account now created, go to the previous question again and complete your online payment.

Can I make a payment through the mail?

Yes. Send a check or money order with your account number written on it to the following address at Synchrony:

Synchrony Financial Adress

How about payments over the phone?

This is possible, too. Give the Synchrony Financial customer service a call by dialing (866) 396-8254 and they’ll be able to help you make your payment. However, you’ll have to call between Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to midnight Eastern time or Saturdays from 10 am til 7 pm.

Are in-store payments an option for hhgregg credit cards?

They are. To find a store near you, visit the hhgregg store locator and input your regional information. Make sure to take your card with you and hand it to the clerk so they can assist you.

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