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What can you tell me about Amazon?

What is there to say about that hasn’t been said a million times already? The place is a juggernaut in the online shopping industry and, because of that, are now considered direct competitors with other massive retailers like Walmart and Target. But, considering their only physical locations need to be warehouses, they can, and do, offer an extensive selection that is simply unmatched anywhere else.

How can I make an online payment to my Amazon credit card?

Although the web address of amazon still works in taking customers to the right page, I will be posting links that will take you to the exact pages you need to go to. This is because GECRB (GE Capital Retail Bank) has changed its business name to Synchrony, so that original address is somewhat outdated. Anyway, on to making payments:

  • Head on over to the (actual) payment portal for store cards:
  • Enter your user ID
  • Click the button labeled “Sign in using our secure server” Store Card Login and Registration

  • Enter your password when prompted
  • Place your mouse over the “Payments” tab at the top of the screen
  • Select “Make a Payment”
  • Choose how much you want to pay toward your Store Card balance
  • Type your bank’s routing and account numbers and submit the payment
  • Verify your details and then click the “Make a Payment” button

How do I create a login for online payments?

Go to the Store Card payment portal, hosted by Synchrony Bank, and click the link (highlighted in purple in the above image) that says “Register your Store Card.” Follow the on-screen prompts and fill out all of the information requested. To complete your registration, you will have to supply some personal information like your Social Security number as well as other identifying details like your store card account number.

Can I mail my payments for my Store Card?

Place a check or money order as well as a billing slip into an envelope and send it to the following address:

Synchrony amazon adress bill

How do I make Store Card payments over the phone?

Give Synchrony Bank a call directly any time or day by dialing (866) 634-8379 and use the automated system to complete your payment over the phone. If you call during their business hours, you can have your payment processed by a Synchrony representative, but there is a chance that they will charge you an extra $10 to do this, so you are probably just better off using the machine options.

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