How to Pay Your Dillard’s Store Credit Card Account

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So what’s up with Dillard’s and their store credit card?

Dillard’s is a department store chain that primarily sells clothing and fashion accessories. As far as department stores go, they are fairly standard. You can also shop their goods online at

Recently, Dillard’s credit card issuing and servicing was handed over from Synchrony Bank to Wells Fargo Bank, while I don’t personally know the details behind this exchange, it does mean there will be some significant changes for cardholders as far as logging in and paying your bill is concerned.

All of the links used in this article were gathered through clicking around on the bill pay website.

You mentioned that Wells Fargo Bank now issues and services Dillard’s credit cards, how might that change things for me if I have been a cardholder for years?

You are going to have to re-enroll through Wells Fargo Bank to be allowed online access to your account. The steps for this are similar to registering for online access for any other financial institution. To get started on this, go to the Dillard’s Card Services page for online enrollment.

The enrollment process covers a number of pages that include entering identifying information, accepting account terms and conditions and creating your login credentials. Once you are done enrolling in the new Dillard’s Card Services by Wells Fargo Bank, you will be able to make online payments on your account again.

How can I make an online account if I am a new Dillard’s credit card user?

The process for new users is actually exactly the same as the one for old cardholders, but if you skimmed over the previous question to get to this one, you can get to the online enrollment page by clicking the enrollment link above.

Simply go through all of the forms as set up and required by Wells Fargo Bank to complete your account creation, which will include enter information like your credit card number, last four of your SSN, creating a user name and password combination and more. With your account created, you will be able to sign in and make online payments and view your account balance at any time.

How can I sign in and make a payment on my account?

  • Navigate your way over to the Dillard’s Card Services website
  • Enter your user name and password into the fields in the middle of the screen
  • Click the blue “Sign On” button

Dillard's Card Services Login

  • Go to payments and choose to make a payment on your card
  • Select your payment amount
  • Enter your bank account information that you want to pay the account with
  • Submit and verify that your payment details are correct, then finalize the payment

What is the phone contact number for my Dillard’s credit card?

If you have a standard Dillard’s credit card, the customer service number you need to call is (800) 643-8278. For Dillard’s American Express cardholders, the number to dial is (866) 834-6294.

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