How to Set Up Access to the Walmart Product Assist Program

 Walmart Product Assist Care Plans

So what is the Walmart Product Assist program, anyway?

Walmart’s Product Assist service is one of the ways that you can help protect some of the purchases made at Walmart stores. The majority of the products available at Walmart that people have covered through these care plans are the more expensive electronics that the store sells, including TVs, gaming systems, computers, surround sound stereos and tablets, among others.

However, signing up for and logging in to the site is a bit of a pain in the rear, so hopefully I can help shed some light on the process for you.


How do I set up an online account for Product Assist?

  • Mosey on over to the web address
  • Click that big green button that says “Get started
  • You now have an option for how you would like to create your account, if you want to keep things easy, you can just click one of the social network links on the right-hand column. Or, if you would like to keep those account separate, you can fill out the fields on the left
  • Click the “Create my account” button

Walmart Product Assist Care Plans Account Creation and Sign In

If you chose a social link

  • You will be presented with a Terms of Use document that you have to agree with
  • After pulling some information from whichever social network you chose to go with, your account creation is complete
  • You’ll then be signed in to the Product Assist site

If you chose to input your data

  • You’ll be shown a Terms of Use document that you must accept
  • You are then asked to enter a verification code, you can find your personal code in whatever email address you signed up with
  • The site will automatically log you in at this point

Where do I go to log in and manage my product protection?

When you first get to the Product Care Plans (Product Assist) site, you can see the question “Already have an account?” underneath that (very obvious) “Get started” button. However, and I’m not sure why they chose this color scheme, but there is a light-blue link that says “Sign in” which just happens to be placed in a page where the background is a slightly-lighter blue.

In the image above, you can see where I put some purple arrows pointing to a tiny “Sign in” link as well and, though it might look like I went overboard with the arrows, the links are ridiculously easy to miss.

Anyway, once you’re on the sign in page, either just click whichever social network button you signed up with or input your login credentials.

What can I do once logged in?

You can make claims, keep track of the various protection plans you might have and receive support for those items. The support itself is apparently quite quick as well, so you won’t have to wait long if you encounter a problem with something you have covered.

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