How to Pay Your US Airways MasterCard Bill

US Airways MasterCard

What can you tell me about the US Airways MasterCard?

Issued by Barclaycard, the US Airways MasterCard is a credit card that earns users points toward purchasing items and flights through US Airways. For the most part, it is pretty similar to other flight points credit cards, but this one comes with an annual fee that ranges from $49 to $89, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to apply for one of these.

How do I make an online payment on my US Airways MasterCard balance?

Alright, so before you can even think about making an online payment for your US Airways MasterCard credit account balance, you’re going to need to set up your login information through Barclaycard. The forms to get this started can be found at the Barclaycard online access sign up page where you will be asked to enter various pieces of information that will allow the system to properly identify who you are and what credit card you have through the company. After getting fully signed up and you have your login credentials in hand, you can make your payment online by following this instructional shortlist:

  • Go to the US Airways MasterCard Login, which is actually just the Barclaycard homepage
  • Type in your user name
  • If you’d like the site to store your user name, click the box next to “Remember username
  • Click the green “Log in” button
US Airways MasterCard Login and Payment Snap

US Airways MasterCard Login and Payment Snap


  • Go to Payments and choose to make an online payment
  • Select a payment amount
  • Input your checking account details
  • Submit and confirm your credit card payment transaction

Are there any other payment options for US Airways MasterCard accountholders?

Yup, there sure are. These additional payment methods include mailing your bill in or calling Barclaycard directly, both of which are discussed here:

US Airways MasterCard Payment Mailing Address

For those of you who feel inclined to make a payment on your US Airways MasterCard by sending in a check or a money order, you will send the payment method to the following address:

Card Services
PO Box 13337
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337

More mailing addresses in this link and this link

If you have the billing slip from your invoice still available, you should include that in the envelope with your payment to ensure that the money order or check get processed in a timely manner. However, if you no longer have the remittance slip, you should write your US Airways MasterCard

US Airways MasterCard Pay by Phone

To make a  payment over the phone on your US Airways MasterCard, you will have to call the Barclaycard customer service line by dialing (888) 232-0780. Follow the instructions given to complete your payment, check your balance or check your due amount and date among other options. More contact information through this link.


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