How to Check Your UCard Account Balance

 Chase UCard

What can you tell me about the Chase UCard?

The UCard, which is issued by Chase Bank, is one of the new ways various governments will allow you to receive your unemployment payments. The benefit of using the UCard instead of receiving checks through the mail is that you will receive your payments noticeably faster and without being required to cash them at a bank or check cashing location. And, as far as I have been able to uncover, it seems that the UCard is primarily issued by the state of Utah, which you can read more about by clicking here.

Si quieres visitar la página web UCard en español, haga clic aquí.

I thought you only discussed payment options, why are you writing about the UCard?

While I do primarily discuss the different ways that you can make bill payments on your various accounts, I also feel like financial services like unemployment and training are important to touch on. If you want a direct link to my normal approach, then think of it as far as the fact that many people rely on unemployment payments in a time of need, which they will then use to make payments on their accounts.

How can I log in and check my UCard balance?

  • Make your way to the website
  • Enter your User ID and Password into the fields labeled as such
  • Click the green “Logon” button

Chase UCARD Login and Registration

  • Once logged in, your account balance will be displayed prominently on the screen

How do I create my online account for the UCard?

If you look at the image from the previous question again, you will see a button with a purple circle around it. On the Chase UCard web page, click that button and you will be taken to the registration forms. Fill out the forms until they are complete and finally submit your registration to Chase, which will include

What else can I do when logged in to my UCard account?

More than just checking your balance online, accessing your UCard account through its website will also allow you to request a replacement card if you lost yours, view various training materials and check your pending and previous transactions, among other actions. You can also sign up for alerts through this site that will inform you as soon as you receive a payment, which I recommend you set up as early as the first time you ever actually log in to the website.

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