How to Pay Your Phillips 66 or Conoco Gas Card Bill

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What can you tell me about Phillips 66, Conoco and the gas card that they offer?

Although they are not quite up there in name recognition as other gas companies throughout the United States like Shell or Chevron, the partnership of Phillips 66 and Conoco (and 76, too) makes for one of the largest corporate entities in the country. So, while it is pretty rare that someone shops at (or even knows about) all three of these brand names, I think I can afford making a strong assumption by saying  that nearly everyone knows at least one of these three gas stations.

Like those of their competitors, the branded credit card from these companies can be used to purchase gasoline at any time and pay back the balance through monthly payments.

Would you recommend I get a gas card?

Considering people who’re just starting their path into the credit world are also likely driving by that age, gas cards are often a good way to begin building credit. In fact, as far as “store” credit cards go, gas cards are one of the few options that I would recommend to nearly anyone – If you’re going to buy gas anyway, you can pay the card off quickly, plus you never know when you’ll be in an emergency situation and need gas right away but have no other method of paying right then and there.

If you would specifically like one of the gas cards usable at Phillips 66, Conoco or 76, click here to apply for one that fits your needs.

Can I make payments online? If so, how can I do that?

Yes, you can. In fact, that seems to be the only way that I could find information for making payments at all. To make a payment on your Phillips 66, 76 or Conoco gas credit card, simply follow these instructions:

  • Make your way to the page
  • Type your user ID into the box under “WELCOME
  • Click “Remember me” to have your user ID saved to the site if you prefer
  • Click the red “Secure login” button

Phillips 66 Conoco 76 Credit Card Login and Account Creation Link

  • Enter your password when presented with your security image
  • In the quick links area, click “Payments
  • Choose a payment amount
  • Input your payment (banking) information where requested
  • Submit and finalize your payment

Where do I have to go to make an online account for my gas card bill?

Go to the link given in the last question and click the “Register Here” link, which you can see circled with purple in the image. Complete the forms to create your login credentials to manage and pay your gas credit card account online.

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