How to Pay Your Pedernales Electric Cooperative Bill

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What can you tell me about Pedernales Electric Cooperative?

PEC is an energy provider that is located in central Texas. The company’s coverage area is over 8,000 square miles that mostly covers rural land, and they have been in business since they late 1930s. Being a cooperative, they are owned by their members, which actually means that they are technically owned by hundreds of thousands of people.

How do I create an online profile to manage my PEC account?

Simple, just head on over to the  Online PEC User Account Registration form and fill in all of the requested information. You will need your account number as well as your meter number, so you might actually have to go outside and get the meter number when going through registration. Once done, you’ll be able to log in to the main site to manage your account.

How do I make a Pedernales Electric Cooperative online bill payment?

  • Go to
  • Mouse over the tab at the top that says “Residential Members” and click “Manage My Account
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Click the “Log on” button

Pedernales Electric Cooperative Login

  • Go to bill payment
  • Choose your payment amount
  • Enter any banking information requested by the site
  • Submit then review your payment details, confirm them to finalize the payment

What other Pedernales Electric Cooperative payment options were you able to find?

Since pretty much everyone needs electricity but not everyone has access to the internet constant enough to make online payments all that easily, there are a number of other payment methods available to PEC customers. Find your preferred way below and follow the instructions given in that section:

PEC Payment Mailing Address

To send your payment to PEC through the mail, you will have to prepare a check or money order with your account number written on it and made out to Pedernales Electric Cooperative, then mail it to the following address:

Pedernales Electric Cooperative
PEC Payment Mailing Address

Pedernales Electric Cooperative Pay by Phone Number

For those of you on the go, you can make a payment over the phone if that is the method you would like to use to submit a bill pay to PEC. To do this, call their toll-free number at

(888) 554-4732

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm.

Pay PEC In Person

If you would like to make a payment in person or only have cash to pay your bill, you can do so at one of PEC’s physical offices. To find one near you, visit their PEC office locator.

Automatic Pedernales Electric Cooperative Payments

You also have the option to make payments on your PEC account by setting up automatic withdrawals. You can do this by logging in as described above and going to that option once logged in.

PEC payment information
Pedernales Electric Cooperative residential payment

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