How To Pay Your Old Navy Credit Card Bill


What can you tell me about Old Navy?

Well, for one, they have some incredibly quirky commercials. Second, they sell many different types of clothing to men, women and kids. Third, they are currently one of the most popular retail clothing shops in the United States right now, which is probably due to those aforementioned commercials. They also have a great online shopping site, available at

If you are on this page, though, you probably want to know more about their credit card program and how to make payments on it, right? So let’s move on to that.


How can I make online payments on my Old Navy Credit Card?

  • Go to the Old Navy Cardholder Account Services at bill pay page (this link will open a new window for you)
  • Enter your user ID into the box on the left side of the screen
  • Click “Remember me” if you want the site to, well, remember your login
  • Click login
  • Enter your password and continue page
  • Navigate to bill pay
  • Enter your payment information when prompted
  • Submit your payment and verify your details are correct, then finalize the payment
  • You can leave the site once you see confirmation that the payment is successfully paid or scheduled

How can I register my Old Navy account for online access?

As somewhat mentioned in the image above, you can get to the registration page via that link as well. However, if you need that link again, here it is. Once the page loads, click the “Register” button below the login area. Follow the prompts on screen to complete account registration.

During this process, you will create login credentials, choose account security measures and more. Just make sure to jot down your user ID and password if you’re prone to forgetting.

Can I make payments on my Old Navy credit card in stores? Or are there any other ways that I can make a payment on the account?

Sadly, you can’t pay your balance in stores. However, you can make a payment over the phone. Call (877) 222-6868 and select the option to talk to a live representative. They will walk (well… talk) you through the process and help you get your balance paid. Old Navy contact us page.

You can also pay through the mail. Send a check or money order with your account printed on it to the following address:

Old Navy PO Box 530942
Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

More at Gap Card Member service page.

Is there anything else I should know about my Old Navy card that I may not have known?

Actually, yes. Since Old Navy is wholly owned by the Gap Corporation, you can use your Old Navy card at any Gap retail store and through Similarly, you can use your Gap card at any Old Navy store. And, if you have a Banana Republic card, that will work at any of the three stores as well.

However, gift cards will only work at the named store on the card itself, unless the card itself actually has all three brand logos printed on the back of it.

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