How to Pay Your Target REDcard Bill

 Target REDcards

What do you know about Target and their REDcard?

For one, I am a big fan of Target stores. I like the fact that the stuff they offer is very affordable but something about their goods seems to be of a higher quality than that of their primary competitor Walmart. This is especially true when it comes to their store brand goods, particularly their grocery items. As you very likely know, Target stores carry a ton of items that range from electronics and clothes to gardening tools and food. Target also have a decent online shop.

Their REDcard is a basic in-store credit card, but it offers its users a five percent discount on anything purchased in the store, giving repeat customers a strong reason to sign up for one.

How can I make an account to make payments online?

If you are starting at their homepage, you will want to click the tab at the top right of the screen that just says “REDcard.” In the dropdown, click “manage my REDcard.” Under the sign in boxes, you should see a link that says “First time here? Enroll.” (if you’re having trouble finding that, you can see it highlighted with purple markings in the image below), click that link. With your REDcard in hand, fill out the forms until your account creation is complete.

So, how do I actually make an online payment for my Target REDcard?

  • Make your way over to
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Click the red “SIGN IN” button

Target REDcard login and account create

  • Logged in, go to bill payment
  • Enter your preferred payment amount
  • Input your bill pay information (checking account and bank routing numbers)
  • Submit your payment
  • Check that your details are correct and send your payment in

Can I mail my payment in for my REDcard?

Yes, write your account number on a check or money order and mail it to the following address:

Target Card Services
Target Card Services Adress

How about in-store payments?

You can make in-store payments on your Target REDcard at any Target store. Go to any of the cash registers and inform the employee that you would like to make a payment on your account and they will help you complete your store credit card bill pay. To find a Target locations near you so you can visit and make a payment on your account, head on over to the Target store locator

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