How to Pay Your Neiman Marcus Credit Card Bill

Neiman Marcus Credit Card

What do you know about Neiman Marcus and their store credit card?

Neiman Marcus has been around for ages, and they have cut themselves out a nice little corner of the luxury goods market. They offer many different brands at some pretty high prices, so it is no wonder that they offer a store credit card even though they do not really have that many locations throughout the United States. The Neiman Marcus credit card itself, however, works pretty much just like any other store card in that it can be used to make purchases inside of Neiman Marcus locations.

What payment options do you know about for the Neiman Marcus card?

There are a few Neiman Marcus credit card payment options available to cardholders. These include making payments online, over the phone, and through the mail. However, you will have to collect the phone number or address through your online account, your billing statement or on the back of your actual Neiman Marcus card as that information is not readily available to people who don’t have a card with them.

If you want to contact them for customer service regarding your store credit card, you can reach them by calling (800) 685-6695.

How do I make an account to log in online for my Neiman Marcus credit card?

If you have one of their credit cards but have yet to make an account through HRS Account, which is operated by Capital One, you can do so by accessing the Neiman Marcus online customer care site for store cardholders. When the page loads, click the red “Enroll” button in the middle of the screen (if you are having problems finding it, you can see it circled in purple in the image for the next question of this guide). When you click that “Enroll” button, you will be taken to a set of forms that will ask you for personal  and Neiman Marcus account information, fill everything out as required by the site. When you are done, you will be able to log in and manage your card online.

How do I make an online payment on my Neiman Marcus store credit card?

  • If you are starting at, click the link near the bottom that says “MAKE A PAYMENT
  • Enter your user name and password into fields
  • Click “Remember me” to keep your user name saved
  • Click the red “Sign In” button

Neiman Marcus   Sign on Online Customer Care and Account Enroll

  • At the Payment Center, click “Online Bill Pay Service
  • Go through the instructions provided by the site to input your banking information and submit your payment on your Neiman Marcus account balance
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