How to Pay Your GM Card Bill

One of GM's Credit Cards

What can you tell me about GM and the consumer credit card they offer?

General Motors (or as it is often referred to: GM) is an American automotive manufacturer that sells a number of styles of vehicles to consumers. As far as the price range of their autos are concerned, GM is pretty middle of the road with the cost normally being around the national average. On that note, though, they also offer vehicles that are far more affordable than their norm as well as much more expensive.

The GM Card, which is a consumer credit card that uses MasterCard, is issued and managed by Capital One. Where most consumer credit cards from retailers offer rewards and discounts towards the purchase of their goods, the GM Card is no different. However, instead of earning some new shoes or some piece of tech, your GM Card rewards get put toward the cost of a car.

You can apply for a GM Card through the BuyPower Card Application.

How do I make an account for online access?

If you have your card in hand, creating your online account is actually pretty easy. Head to the online credit card account creation page to begin the process. Make sure that while you are going through these forms that you fill out everything that is required by the page. This is mostly identifying information and account information, but also includes some agreements and selecting your user name and password.

How do I make an online payment for my GM credit card?

  • Starting at, click the green “LOG IN” button at the top right of the screen
  • Click the button that is labeled “MANAGE CAPITAL ONE ACCOUNT
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Check the box by “Remember Me” to save your user name to the site
  • Click Log InGM Credit Card Login


  • Go to the balance payment section
  • Enter your checking account details when prompted
  • Choose your payment amount
  • Submit your payment

What other payment options are available for GM credit cardholders?

There are other GM Card payment options available to those who do not want to make a payment online due to whatever your reason might be. These include making payments over the phone and through the mail, and you can take care of either by using the information here:

GM Card Phone Payments

GM Card Customer Service and Payments Line: (888) 316-2390

GM Card Payment Mailing Address

To send your payment by mail, prepare a check or money order made out to GM Card and writer your account number somewhere on it as well. Send it to this address:

Capital One

Department 9600
Carol Stream, 60128-9600
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