How to Pay Your Catherines Card Bill

 Catherines Credit Card

What kind of store is Catherines?

As much as I hate to use the term, Catherines is a “plus-size” women’s clothing store. If you’re new to the phrase “plus-size,” it just means that the stuff they sell at Catherines is not form fitted for thin individuals. I am not sure exactly what it is about that word that bothers me, but it just grates me like it is some kind of veiled insult. Mind you, this isn’t a complaint against Catherines itself but my griping about a single phrase.

Anyway, that means that Catherines sells clothing for women who might not fit in the stuff sold by other clothing retailers like H&M or Forever 21.

What do you know about the Catherines store credit card?

Issued by Catherines and managed by the financial institution Comenity, the Catherines store credit card offers a few benefits to cardholders that include product previews, rewards membership and special coupons. For those interested in applying for this card, visit the application page at Comenity.

What kind of payment options does Catherines offer for their credit card?

Catherines credit card users have a number of payment options available to them. The bill can be paid online, in stores, over the phone or through the mail. However, to get the contact information for the last two mentioned (phone and mail), you will have to log in to your account online and go to this page.

How can I make a payment online?

  • Make your way to the website
  • Enter your user name and password into the two fields on the left side of the screen
  • Those on a private computer can (and should) check the box by “Remember me” which stores your user name
  • Click Sign In

Catherines Credit Card Login and Account Creation

  • Go to online bill payment
  • Select a payment amount
  • Input your banking information as requested
  • Submit and verify your payment

How do I create an online account for my Catherines credit card?

On the image above of the Catherines credit card login area (first link on the previous paragraph), you will see that the gray “Sign up” button is circled in purple with an arrow pointing to it. Click that button to get to the forms that you will need to complete to create your account. Simply fill them out as required and you’ll have login credentials to make a payment as discussed above.

How can I find a Catherines to make a payment in one of their stores?

To find a Catherines location near you, just visit Catherines  store locator and input your information to conduct the search.

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