How to Pay Your AAA Insurance Bill

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What’s the deal with AAA Insurance?

Although they don’t seem to quite have the clout they once held, AAA is still one of the most recognizable names in auto insurance in the country. The organization began as a collection of auto enthusiasts who felt that driving needed to be a safer ordeal and the company spent its early days working to make highways less dangerous. Nowadays, they are probably most popular for their roadside assistance program, even though most other insurance companies now offer the service as well.

The company is still technically made up of various groups, but they are now all under the AAA banner. However, they are all accessible through the same website… kind of.

What do you mean “kind of”?

Well, for those of you who were comfortable with going over to the website, the address has been mostly taken down and leads to a new address (which I’ll be linking to later). Anyway, when you get to that new site it will ask you to enter your zip code to determine the correct site for you to use. That being the case, the image that I’ll use for this piece may look a little different than the one you actually encounter.

So how do I make a login for my AAA insurance account?

So when you get to the new web address of and you have entered your zip code, you should* be able to find a “Register” link, which I have marked with a purple circle in the image below. Click that link (if you can find one) and go through the process to create your online account. Before going through account creation, make sure to have your membership number available along with any personal information that’ll help to identify yourself.

How do I make an online payment?

  • Make your way on over to (or any of the other addresses posted in this piece, they all end up in the same or remarkably similar sites)
  • Enter your zip code to go to your local AAA site
  • Input your username and password
  • Click “Log In

AAA Login and Account Create

  • Go to your premium payment
  • Select your payment options
  • Input your banking information
  • Submit and confirm your payment

What if I can’t find an online registration link, how do I make an online payment then?

For those of you who’s local AAA doesn’t have an online login, you can still make payments online. However, you will have to find the link that says, simply enough, “Make a Payment.” When you follow that link, you will come to a page with a dropdown box asking for what type of insurance you have and you will see some fields that you’ll have to fill out with your account information. On the screen after that, you will input and submit your payment information. Confirm your payment details and you’re done.

What about a payment address or phone number?

Considering there are so many different AAA organizations around the country, I don’t really have the space to collect all of the phone numbers and payment addresses at this time. However, when you head over to, you should be able to easily find a Contact Us that will supply you with what you need.

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