How to Access Your Online Walmart Associate Account

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What can you tell me about Walmart and their employee website?

Walmart offers its employees access to an associates-only website that’s called My Walmart. For those who may have been told that the address for this is, don’t worry as this URL will still take you to the proper address. When logged in, the site gives employees various bits of information about their job with the company.

I thought you wrote about bill payment, why are you talking about a Walmart employee site?

Considering that Walmart is one the largest private employer in the world with over two-million employees (seriously, it’s only third place overall with the United States’ and China’s militaries being first and second, and there is a pretty good chance Walmart will even overtake China in that regard sometime soon) I figured that there would be at least a handful of people looking for information on how to create and access their employee accounts. Either way, this does directly relate to bill payment because bills need to get paid and to get paid a person has to have a job, right?

What kind of stuff is available at this website?

From what I have read, there are some pretty good benefits for Walmart associates to use the site. Not only can you do stuff like look through your work schedule and monitor your current benefits, but you can apparently talk with and receive help from other Walmart workers. This seems like a much more reliable source for those looking for assistance with their employment questions than attempting to find answers from somewhere publicly available (and oddly vitriolic) like

I’m an employee at Walmart, how do I make my login user ID and password to access my information?

  • Go to the web address
  • Click the link under the (huge) login button that says “Register” as marked with green in this image (red is for logging in as we will discuss later)

Walmart Associate Login and Account Creation for MyWalmart

  • Click the “Go” button if you have the information readily available that the site says you will need (Walmart ID Number, birthday, hired date & email address)
  • Go through the New Account Registration as directed by the site
  • With your account created, you can move to the next section to find out how to log in

How do I sign in to my account?

If you are not already there, make your way to the Walmart employee login page. Enter your user ID as you created it during the account registration process. Input your password exactly as you made it as well. Click the (massive) “LOGIN” button.

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