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What is National Grid?

National Grid is a gas and electric company that, as far as U.S. residents are concerned, operates primarily in the New England area of the country. For more information about their history and business practices, you can check out National Grid Wikipedia entry.

How can I make an online payment on my account?

All of the logins look and act exactly the same, so these directions will fit for any of your bill payment needs with National Grid

  • Browse your way on over to
  • Click the bright green “Pay my bill” button at the top right portion of the screen
  • Select your location and service
  • Click the “Pay by bank account” button
  • Enter your sign in ID and password
  • Click the “Remember me” checkbox (if you’re not on a public computer)
  • Click the blue “Sign in” button

National Grid sign in and account creation

  • Once signed in, mouse over the “Bills and payments” tab at the top of the screen and click “Make a one time payment”
  • Select how much you want to pay
  • Input the information for whichever account you want to pay from
  • Submit your payment
  • Verify the details are good, then have the payment complete

How do I create an online account with National Grid?

Go to the National Grid sign in page. Click the link that says “Register now.” If you can’t find it, look to the image above and you can see where it is circled with purple. Fill out the form to completion then click the continue button at the bottom. Go through the following pages until your account is created, then return to the sign in page to make your payment as discussed above.

Can I make a National Grid payment over the phone?

Yes, you can. Give their voice response system (sorry about that) a call at (800) 930-5003 and choose these options: Billing and Payments, Payments, Pay my Bill, Pay by phone.

Can I mail a payment in?

Yeah, actually your monthly invoice from National Grid comes with a self-addressed envelope that you can put your check in and mail off to them. However, if you don’t have your invoice anymore and still would like to mail in your payment, write your account number on the check and send it to:

National Grid (US) adress

In fact, even if you have that self-addressed envelope from National Grid, you should write your account number on the check when using that as well.

Are there any other payment options?

Yes, there are actually a couple. In most cases, you can use your banks bill pay system. Or, if you would like to take a more personal approach, you can make a payment in person. If you head to the National Grid Ways to Pay page and scroll down, you will be able to use their location finder which is about half way down the page.

nationalgrid locations

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