How to Pay Your Elan Financial Services Credit Card Bill

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What can you tell me about Elan Financial Services?

Owned and operated by the U.S. Bancorp financial institution out of the United States, Elan Financial Services is a portion of the large corporation that focuses on various types of credit cards. These include consumer credit cards, ATM service, prepaid cards and more. They also offer solutions for businesses, but the payments in this article

Where do I need to go to create my account for online credit card management through Elan Financial Services?

To get your login credentials set up for your Elan Financial Services credit card, make your way on over to the Elan Account Access page (link on the first step on the next paragraph). Once you have that loaded, enter all of the information marked with a red asterisk (*) and go through the pages until your log in user ID and password are confirmed to be created. With that information, you will be able to sign in to your account to check balances, view transaction history and make payments online, among other actions.

How do I make an Elan Financial Services online payment?

Elan Credit Card Login

  • Enter your password when prompted
  • Go to the credit card bill payment section
  • Select your payment amount
  • Input the checking account information from the bank that you would like to pay your bill payment from
  • Submit and verify the details of your payment to finish the transaction

What other Elan Financial Services payment options do you know about?

So, you don’t want to pay your bill, eh? Oh. I see. You just don’t want to make the payment online. Well that’s vastly different. Elan Financial Services offers two more payment methods for cardholders who prefer a more traditional way to make a payment: Over the phone and through the mail.

Elan Financial Services Payment Mailing Address

To make a payment on your account by mailing in a check or money order, prepare the payment with your account number written on it and made payable to Elan Financial Services, then stuff it in an envelope with a stamp and mail it to this address:

Cardmember Service
Elan Financial Services Payment Mailing Address

Elan Financial Services Pay by Phone

To submit your Elan Financial Services credit card payment over the phone, contact their 24-hour customer service number by dialing (800) 558-3424.

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