How to Pay Your MetroPCS Account

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What can you tell me about MetroPCS?

MetroPCS is a prepaid phone service offered by the telecommunications company T-Mobile. MetroPCS offers a number of devices through their program, including smartphones, tablets and more traditional cellular phones. For the most part, the phones are of significantly lower quality than those you could get through a major carrier, but the money saved by using service from MetroPCS can be well worth not having the latest and greatest technology in your pocket.

Where do I need to go to create my online account with MetroPCS?

Although having an online account with MetroPCS is not necessary, it makes managing your service with them much easier. To create a login with the company, head over to the page Sign Up with MetroPCS. Where most account registration pages like this ask for an account number, all you will need to input as far as that is concerned is your phone number with them. During the account creation process, you will be asked for a bit of personal information and you will have to have your phone handy to verify to verify that the phone number is yours.

How do I make an online payment for my MetroPCS account?

  • Make your way on over to
  • Enter your MetroPCS phone number and the password you chose while creating your account
  • If you are on a private computer and would like the site to store your phone number for later logins, check the “Remember me” box
  • Click the “SIGN IN” button

MetroPCS Login

  • Click the payment options link
  • Enter your credit or debit account details
  • Choose your payment amount
  • Submit your MetroPCS payment

What other MetroPCS Payment Options were you able to find?

Other than making payments as described above, there are a handful of other methods that MetroPCS allows its customers to use when reloading the balance on their prepaid phones. These include automatic payments, over the phone, through the mail and in person.

MetroPCS Automatic Payments

Once you have added a credit or debit card in your eWallet, you can use the card information to set up automated payments. These will be deducted monthly and will keep you from having to reload your phone at the beginning of every month.

MetroPCS Pay by Phone

Using your MetroPCS phone, dial *99 to use their automated system to make a payment. If you would like to talk to a live representative, give their customer service a call at (888) 8METRO8.

MetroPCS Payment Mailing Address

Make a check or money order out to MetroPCS and write your phone number on it. Send it to the following address:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
MetroPCS Payment Mailing Address

In-Person MetroPCS Payments

You can make payments on your account in person at any MetroPCS location or authorized dealer. Click here to use MetroPCS store locator.

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