How to Pay Your Lane Bryant Credit Card Bill

Lany Bryant Credit Card

What can you tell me about Lane Bryant and their store credit card?

Originally started as a clothing shop for pregnant women, Lane Bryant has evolved over the years to become a fashion retailer who focuses on plus-size clothing. Apparently, and according to everything I have ever seen on the subject, the term “plus-size” really just means that the clothing is made for a special portion of the population that comes out to the vast majority of people who don’t work out 60 hours a week. As far as men’s clothing is concerned, “plus-size” is a medium. Anyway, rather than get into a social commentary bit, let’s move on to the Lane Bryant credit card.

Like most store credit cards, the one offered by Lane Bryant is a line of credit that is only usable at those stores and the others within the Ascena Retail Group (DressBarn).

How do I make an account to manage my credit card online?

Before you can go about making payments online, you will need to register your credit card through the Comenity Lane Bryant sub-site, which is used to manage the brand’s credit card accounts (link on the next paragraph first step). In that link, you should be able to find a gray button that says “Sign Up (if you are having difficulty finding it, check out the image for the following question where the button is highlighted with a purple arrow and circle). Click that link and fill out the form on the following pages until your account creation is complete.

How do I make a Lane Bryant credit card payment online?

  • Go to the web address
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Click “Remember me” if you’d like the site to store your user name (don’t do this on a public computer, okay?)
  • Click Sign in

Lane Bryant Credit Card Login and Account Create

  • In the Account Center, go to bill payment
  • Select your payment amount and date
  • Input the banking details from the account you wish to pay from
  • Submit your payment
  • Verify your information is correct and confirm the payment

Can I make payments in a Lane Bryant store?

Yes, you can. If you would like to make a payment on your Lane Bryant account in one of their stores, simply visit any location and give the cashier your card while informing them you want to pay your bill. They will help you through the process. To find a location near you, visit the Lane Bryant store locator.

Can I make payments over the phone or through the mail?

This is a payment option as well, but the only way to get the phone number or address is by being a cardholder yourself. You can get the address from the online Account Center through logging in as described above or view it on the printed bill you received in the mail. Likewise, you can get the phone number for payments through the Account Center. You can try this number: 800-888-4163 its the Lane Bryant credit card customer service phone number.

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