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Kaiser Permanente

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Many people seem to only see Kaiser Permanente as one of two things. They either know the company as an insurance provider or they see the brand as a chain of hospitals and medical providers. The fact of the matter, though, is that Kaiser Permanente is both, and they have developed a remarkable reputation for their work in the medical industry since their founding in the mid-40s.

Though they only work in a handful of states around the country, they have received national and international acclaim for the way they treat and manage their patients regarding both medical care and Kaiser Permanente’s exemplary bedside manner.

The following questions mention colors, the three colors (green, red and purple) are from this image, which is from the Kaiser Permanente online payment portal:

Pay Online Kaiser Permanente

How can I make a one-time Kaiser Permanente online?

  • Go to the KaiserPay Online website at
  • Click the “One-Time Payment” button (highlighted in purple on the image^^
  • Select the state you live in, click Continue
  • Enter your billing and account information and click the checkbox that says you read and agree to the terms and conditions, click continue
  • Continue filling out the requested information, including your payment method and details, then submit the payment
  • Once you receive a payment confirmation, your payment is complete

How can I create an account to track and manage my payments?

If you see yourself having to send in more than one payment to Kaiser Permanente, you should consider creating an account for their website. Head to KaiserPay Online and click the “Registration” button, highlighted in the above image with green. From there, go through the prompts to finish creating your Kaiser Permanente login credentials.

Once you have your online account created, go back to the main Kaiser Permanente payment portal and fill in the fields as highlighted in red in the image above. Once logged in, you will be able to set up and schedule recurring payments, track all of the payments that you have made to Kaiser Permanente and more.

Are there any other ways to pay Kaiser Permanente?

If you still have a physical copy of your Kaiser Permanente invoice, there will be other methods printed on it that you can use for payments. These include over the phone, through the mail and, in some locations, you will be able to visit one of their customer service locations and make a payment in person.

You could also try giving their customer service a call at (800) 464-4000.

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