How to Pay Your HSN Credit Card Bill

HSN Credit Card

So what’s up with the Home Shopping Network these days?

Every time I hear about or see something to do with HSN, my mind has to take a few beats to remember that the company is actually the Home Shopping Network, which was really popular back when I was a kid (which I’m not going to tell you when that was, so even don’t even bother asking).

Anyway, HSN offers shoppers a way to make purchases on items featured on the television channel, and these days they also have a pretty robust ecommerce presence at

What can you tell me about the HSN credit cards?

The Home Shopping Network offers credit cards to customers that come in two flavors. These are the HSN credit card and the HSN MasterCard. As far as making payments on these cards is concerned, they use the same methods and this guide will let you know where the differences are. In either case, the instructions will be exactly the same except for some contact information and links.

How do I create an online account for my HSN credit card?

For those of you who have a HSN credit card, you will begin at the page for that card (Comenity.Net/HSN) . Likewise, those of you with an HSN MasterCard will start on the second link on the next paragraph. Under the sign in area, you will see a gray “Sign up” button, click that. Go through all of the forms until they are completed and your account has been created.

How do I make an online payment for the HSN card?

  • For HSN Credit Card users: d.Comenity.Net/HSN – For HSN MasterCard users:
  • Enter your user name and password
  • If you don’t feel like typing in your user name every time you visit (or if yours is just difficult to remember for whatever reason), check the box next to where it says “Remember me
  • Click the blue “Sign in” button

HSN MasterCard Login and Sign Up

  • On the left side of the screen, click “Pay Online
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Enter your payment information for the account you’re going to pay with (checking account and routing numbers)
  • Submit your payment and verify the details

What other HSN credit card payment options do you know about?

If you would prefer to not make your payment online, you can do so over the phone or through the mail as well.

Phone Payments

Give the appropriate number as listed below a call and follow the prompts to complete your HSN card bill pay.

HSN Credit Card: (888) 724-6649.

HSN MasterCard: (866)702-9947

Mail-In Payments

Prepare a check or money order made out to HSN and write your account number on it. Send it to the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank
Comenity Capital Bank (HSN card mail payment adress)

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