How to Pay Your Fry’s Electronics Credit Card Bill

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What can you tell me about Fry’s Electronics and their store credit card?

Though Fry’s Electronics might not be nearly as well known as some electronics retailers like Best Buy or Staples, it is a favorite for anyone who has access to one of their locations or for those who are big fans of do-it-yourself computer building or upgrading. You see, unlike their competing stores, Fry’s Electronics offers its customers a much larger selection of parts for thorough system customization. Still, for those who prefer consumer tech or prebuilt computers, Fry’s selection is still massive as they have aisle after aisle of all kinds and levels of machines.

And, to help their customers spend even more money in their stores, they offer a store credit card that can be used for any purchases made.  Being an electronics and appliance store, offering a line of credit like this makes sense since people do not often have a thousand dollars available at one time to drop on some new piece of technology.  Cardholders of the Fry’s Electronics store credit card have a couple of ways to make payments, which include online or through the mail. For more details on the card, visit the Fry’s Electronics FAQ.

How do I make an account to manage my Fry’s credit card online?

You can access the account creation portal on the Fry’s Electronics store credit card login page (Link is actually on the first step of the next payment paragraph) as hosted by First Electronic Bank (their credit management company). In the text-entry boxes in the Register Now portion of the screen (highlighted with green in the image below), type in your Fry’s Electronics credit card number and the name you have printed on your card, then click the “Submit” button. Go through the forms until your account is fully created and you will be able to use that information to log in as described in the following question.

How do I make an online payment for my Fry’s credit card?

Fry's Credit Login and Account Create

  • Go to the payments section
  • Select how much you would like to pay toward your balance
  • Enter your payment information (checking account and bank routing numbers)
  • Submit then verify your payment

Can I make a payment over the phone?

As far as I could find, payments over the phone are not possible for Fry’s Electronics credit cards.

Is there a mailing address to send a payment to?

Yes, prepare a check made out to Fry’s Credit with your account number written on it and mail it off to:

Fry’s Credit
Fry's Credit adress payment

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