How to Pay Your Fingerhut Credit Account Bill

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What can you tell me about Fingerhut and the credit line they offer?

Although at first glance Fingerhut might seem like any other e-commerce site that sells all manner of goods like most retailers you may be more accustomed to (like Amazon or Walmart, for example), the online shop features an integrated pay over time option. In other words, they offer a line of credit that is usable for purchases on the items they offer, but although Fingerhut makes it seem like the credit they provide is something special, it really just works like any other store credit card you might have.

For a little clarification on how much you will end up paying for various items on bought with Fingerhut’s credit, you should check out Fingerhut Full Cost of Ownership digital book.

How do I apply for credit through Fingerhut?

Considering these lines of credit seem to be the primary way that the company makes its money, they have made the credit application process pretty simple, especially if you have received an offer from them. Whether you have or not, you will be going to the credit account application page. On that page, you can either input your pre-approved customer number into the field labeled as such, which will earn you some credit no matter what or you can straight out apply from scratch. In both situations, go through the forms to find out your limit.

How do I create my login for their website?

On the sign in page for Fingerhut (link on the next paragraph), the right-hand column with the header of “New to” is where you will begin the account creation process. You can see these marked with purple arrows and markings in the image for the next question, the area in the purple box is optional and only fillable if you have shopped with or received a Fingerhut catalog before. Whatever your method, click the “Create a New Account” button under the form to be taken to the rest of the registration.

How do I make a payment online for my Fingerhut credit balance?

  • Head over to: myaccount make payment
  • If you are not already logged in, input your email address and password into the boxes on the left side of the screen
  • If you are on a private computer, click the checkbox by “Remember my e-mail address on this computer
  • Click the “Sign In” button

Fingerhut Login and Account Creation


  • Click the “make a Payment” link on the left side of the screen
  • Choose whether you want to do a one-time or recurring payments
  • Input your banking information and submit the payment

Is there an address I can send my Fingerhut credit payment to?

Yeah, there is. Prepare a check or money order with your account number on it and made out to Fingerhut then send it to:

Fingerhut Payment Adress

Can I make a payment over the phone?

Yes, you can pay your Fingerhut credit balance by contacting their automated phone system at (800) 208-2500.

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