How to Pay Your Banana Republic Credit Card Bill Online

Banana Republic Cards

What can you tell me about Banana Republic and their store credit cards?

Owned and operated by the other clothing store brand Gap, Banana Republic offers a number of clothing options for men and women that range from casual to professional, though most of their stuff is centered around styles that one would find around a beach area. However, they do offer many seasonal products as well. The brand offers three different credit cards, which are one standard store card, a consumer credit card by Visa, and one that is called the Banana Republic Luxe card. Those interested in the brand can also shop their goods at

No matter which card you might have, you will make a payment on your account through the same site, which also means that to create your account online will happen in the same way as well. If you are ready to get your payment made online, continue reading below.

How do I make an account to make online payments?

If you have yet to do so, you can set up your Banana Republic credit card account by going to the Banana Republic Cardmember Account Services page (The same link on the first step on the next paragraph). Click the button that says “Register” in the New users box (the button is highlighted with purple markings in the image below). Fill out all of the information requested by the forms to complete your account creation.

How do I make an online payment for my Banana Republic credit card?

  • Make your way on over to
  • Enter your User ID
  • Click the box next to “Remember me” to keep your user ID saved for future logins
  • Click the “Login” button

Banana Republic Online Credit Center

  • Type in your password and continue
  • Place your mouse over the payments tab at the top of the screen and click the “Make a Payment” link
  • Choose how much you are going to pay
  • Enter your payment information and submit the payment
  • Look over your payment details and, if you are okay with them, click where it says “Make a Payment”

How can I contact the Banana Republic credit card customer service?

If you require any kind of assistance on your Banana Republic credit card, you can contact their customer service over the phone. Depending on which store credit card you have, though, you will have to dial a specific phone number.

For those of you with the standard store credit card, the phone number is

(800) 234-7455.

If you have the Banana Republic Visa Card, dial

(866) 450-2330 for assistance.

And, if you are a Banana Republic Luxe Card user, you can contact them at:

(888) 275-8931.

Banana Republic Customer Service Adress:

Click for more Banana Republic contact information

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