How to Pay Your DIRECTV Bill Online


What can you tell me about DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is a satellite television provider that, like a vast majority of its cable counterparts, also offers internet and phone services. One reason that the company has seen a growth in popularity over the last decade or so is because satellite dishes have seen a substantial reduction in their size, which has made DIRECTV available to many more customers than were previously accessible. This is especially true for those who live in urban areas or apartment complexes where large backyards just aren’t the norm.

Do you think that I should switch from cable television to DIRECTV?

That is really a decision that you should be making on your own. However, if you really want my advice on this subject, I would recommend moving away from traditional forms of channel-flipping television and start getting all of your television from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. I know, it seems like a big change, but you asked for my opinion.

How do I make an account to manage my DIRECTV subscription online?

Over at the DIRECTV home page (or any other page on the website for that matter), place your mouse pointer over the tab at the top-right side of the screen that says “Sign In/Register My Account” and click the button that says “Create Account” in the dropdown menu. On the account creation page, enter the requested information and click the “Continue” button. Go through the forms until you have accepted the terms & conditions as well as make your email and password usable as login credentials.


You can also find the link to create your account in the page linked to below which has an image with the button highlighted in purple.

How do I make a DIRECTV payment online?

Just so you know, the old web address of does not work anymore. That being the case, just follow the links in this guide to get to the proper place to make your DIRECTV online payment.

  • Make your way to the DIRECTV MyAccount login page:
  • Enter your email and password into the fields labeled as such
  • If you are on a public computer, uncheck the box next to “Remember me
  • Click the button that says “Sign In to My Account

DIRECTV Login and Account Create

  • In the Account Overview, choose to make a payment
  • Fill out all of the fields as requested by the site, which includes choosing your payment amount and date as well as entering your payment details
  • Submit your payment
  • Verify that your payment details are correct and finalize your DIRECTV bill pay

Pay by Phone

Just call: 1-800-531-5000 for coustomer support. you will need to pay 5$ fee for this payment type (online is free…)

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