How to Pay Your Peebles Store Credit Card Bill

 Peebles Store Credit Card Designs

What can you tell me about Peebles and the store credit card that they offer?

An interesting thing happens when you attempt to go to the web address – it automatically redirects you to a whole different domain for Stage Stores. Now, if you did not know that Stage Stores was a subsidiary retail chain for Stage Stores, you might be confused or alarmed at this since it seems so much like a hijacked website, but I can assure you this is not the case. Either way, Peebles is a retail department store chain that sells all manner of merchandise like clothes and jewelry to toys and home décor items.

The Peebles credit card is aimed at those who feel most comfortable buying goods at Peebles stores, but the card can also be used at all of Stage Stores’ shops, which includes Bealls, Goodys and others.

How do I make an account to manage my Peebles credit card online?

You can actually get this process started right from the Peebles credit card payment portal (link is on the next paragraph). Once on that page, click the gray button that says “Sign up” (which you can see circled with pink in the image on the following question) and you will be taken to the forms to get your account set up and ready for online credit card balance management. The form itself will start off by asking if you have your credit card account number available and, even if you don’t, you can create your login user name and password.

How do I make an online payment for the balance on my Peebles credit card?

  • Go to the Peebles credit card payment portal at
  • Type in your user name and password
  • Click “Remember me” to save your user name
  • Click “Sign in

Peebles Credit Card Login and Account Creation

  • Now in the Account Center, go to online payments
  • Choose the amount that you would like to pay toward your Peebles credit card balance
  • Enter your bank account’s routing and checking numbers
  • Submit the credit card payment
  • Confirm that your bill payment details are correct and finalize the payment

Is there any way I can make a payment on my balance in person?

Yes, there is. And, since Peebles is owned by Stage Stores, you can actually make the payment at any of the chains owned by the company. To find a Stage Store or one of its various chains near you to make a payment on your Peebles credit card account, visit Stage Stores store locator.

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