How to Get Your Citibank Online Account Set Up

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What is the story with the financial institution Citibank?

Having been in business since the early 19th Century, the large banking company Citibank has spread across the world over its long history and now has a presence in over 30 nations and their number of branches reaches to more than 3,500. As you would expect from such a huge bank, Citibank offers their customers a number of financial services and solutions, including standard bank accounts (checking and saving), credit cards, loans, investment plans and financial counseling when it is needed.

While they are one of the more stable banks in the world, they were part of the large bailout that the United States government undertook.

However, though the bailout itself was the target of a substantial amount of criticism at the time (and still continues to this day, it seems), Citibank has not only paid back all of the money that they received from the government, but also all of the interest that accrued, which means that the US actually earned a profit on that deal.

What do I need to do to make my login credentials for my bank account (or accounts) with Citibank online?

Whether you are planning to make a payment on a credit card that you have with Citibank, you need to check the balance of your checking account to make sure you have enough money to pay a bill or you just want to move some money around, you are going to need a user ID and password to handle any of your account management online. To get to the forms needed to create your account, go to the Citibank online registration page and fill out all of the requested information. That’s it!

How do I actually go about logging in to my account so I can manage my finances through their site?

  • Make your way to their login page at
  • Type in the user ID and password you created during registration
  • If you would like the site to save your user ID for later visits, click the check box by “Remember my user ID” (obvious enough) – NOTE: 

    Don’t click this checkbox if you are on a public computer, okay?

    Citibank Online Login Page
  • Click the blue button that says “Sign On

How can I get in contact with Citibank if I encounter a problem with my online banking?

Now, before you slam your computer through a plate-glass window because you’re frustrated with their website or your online account for whatever reason, you should probably just consider giving Citibank a call directly. Their phone number for online banking is (800) 374-9700.
More contact information for Citibank in this CitiBank contact us page link.

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