How to Check the Balance of a Macy’s Gift Card

 Macy's Gift Card

What can you tell me about the gift cards from Macy’s?

Honestly, there really isn’t a whole lot to tell. I’m assuming that if you have a gift card from Macy’s that someone likely gave it to you knowing that you have access to a Macy’s store and that you know how gift cards work. However, here’s the briefest of rundowns on gift cards (and this kind of applies to any gift card from any store): You can use them to make purchases up to the card’s balance at any of their locations or online.  If your purchase is more than the card’s balance, you pay the difference out of pocket.

How can I check how much is left on my Macy’s gift card?

Unlike most of the stuff that I talk about on this site, Macy’s gift cards don’t require any kind of account registration or logging in. In fact, I would go so far as to say that checking the balance of one of these cards might be one of, if not the most, easiest things that I have discussed thus far. To check the balance of your gift card, follow these simple instructions:

  • Make your way to the Macy’s gift card portal at
  • Type in your gift card number
  • Type the security characters exactly as they appear in to the box below the image itself
  • Click the red button that says “VIEW BALANCE

Macy's Gift Card Balance Check

Where can I buy a Macy’s gift card online?

If you would like to purchase a Macy’s gift card online, you can do so through their website on the Macy’s gift card purchase page. There are a number of styles available to choose from to celebrate or commemorate various occasions, or you can simply go with a regular Macy’s gift card. They also offer e-gift cards, which will send a code to the person who you are buying it for and they can use that code online or in stores.

Is there anything else I might want to know about Macy’s gift cards?

There really are not any surprises when it comes to these gift cards. The only thing that you might want to know is that you can also check the balance in any Macy’s location:

Check the Balance in Stores

If you are planning a trip to a Macy’s anyway, you can also check the balance of your gift card while in one of their locations. To find the nearest one to you, use the online Macy’s store locator.

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