How to Set Up and Log In to Your CFNA Account Online

Firestone Credit Card

What can you tell me about Credit First National Association?

Credit First National Association is a financial institution that specializes in offering people credit cards. For the most part, these credit cards are designed for customers to use at various automobile repair and upkeep locations. The fact that you can only use it at vehicle-related locations is actually a benefit rather than a hindrance in that having one in your wallet will mean you’ll have peace of mind in case you run into some kind of emergency while out and about. Likewise, you won’t max the card out on irrelevant products just because you have a line of credit.

What stores do you know about that use CFNA?

From what I could gather through the Credit First National Association website, the store cards received through any of their clients can be used at any of their other clients’ stores. That being the case, there are a ton of different stores that you can potentially use your CFNA credit card at, including but not limited to:

  • Firestone stores
  • Tires Plus
  • Bridgestone stores
  • Plaza Tire Service
  • Wheel Works
  • Monro Muffler Brake & Service
  • Hibdon Tires Plus
  • The Tire Choice & Total Car Care
  • STS Tire & Auto Centers
  • Bosch Service
  • GoodGuys Tires & Auto Repair
  • and quite a few more, many of which are local shops.

Due to the popularity of the brand alone, most people will have a card through their local Firestone retailer, which will be the primary focus of the rest of this piece.

How do I create an online account for my Credit First National Association Firestone card?

You are actually going to do this straight through the CFNA website. To begin registering your card for online access, you will have to visit the CFNA card registration page.

As far as registration processes go, the one for CFNA cards is pretty simple since it is mostly just the one page plus a consent form. The consent form itself is just one of those “click here if you agree” type pages, so unless you’re the kind of person who reads all of their documents, that page shouldn’t take long at all.

After going through the forms, you will have a login ready to go for your CFNA card.

How do I log in to my CFNA account online?

Logging in for your card is super simple, this is really all you have to do:

Firestone CFNA Login

Once signed in, you will be able to view your transaction history, check your card balance and make your CFNA credit card payments online, among other actions.

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