How to Pay Your CarMax Vehicle Payment

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What can you tell me about CarMax?

CarMax is one of the few auto dealerships that does not work on commission, which makes buying from them one of the better car buying experiences you could ever go through. They also have a pretty great trade in program where they’ll offer you the same amount for your car, no matter if you buy a new one from their lot or not.


How do I set up an online account with CarMax Auto Finance?

To start the process of creating your online account with CarMax, go to CarMax account creation page.  You will be asked to enter quite a bit of personal and CarMax account information, so be ready with the documents regarding your loan or lease before going to the site. Once your account is created, you will use the email address you input as part of your login credentials (the other part being the password, of course).

How do I make a CarMax payment online?

  • Go to the CarMax Auto Finance bill pay portal: payment
  • Click the blue button in the top middle of the screen that says “MyCarMax
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your account
  • Click the green “Sign In” button

CarMax Payment Login

  • Go to bill pay
  • Add a payment account and enter all of the requested information about your bank account
  • Select your payment amount
  • Submit your CarMax payment

What other CarMax payment options were you able to find?

If you are experiencing some kind of problem with logging in or making a payment online (or you really just don’t feel like putting your financial information through the internet), don’t worry. There are still a few payment options available to you, including over the phone and through the mail.

CarMax Pay by Phone

To make a payment over the phone, you will have to give the CarMax customer service line a call by dialing (800) 925-3612. You can call any time during any day of the week to use their automated phone system, but to speak with a customer service agent, you will have to call between certain times. These are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 10 pm or on Saturdays

CarMax Payment Mailing Address

Depending on how you want to make your payment through the mail or what the goal of sending your bill payment in is, there are a couple of different addresses that you will have to choose between.

For standard CarMax Payments:

CarMax Auto Finance

standard CarMax Payments

For CarMax Account Payoffs:

CarMax Auto Finance

CarMax Account Payoffs

For rush or overnight payoffs:

Carmax Auto Finance

CarMax rush or overnight payoffs
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