How to Pay Your Bowflex Credit Card Bill

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What’s up with Bowflex and the credit card they offer?

Bowflex is one of the most popular home gym creators in the country and they offer a number of products that are designed to help people get fit or maintain their fitness from the comfort of their own homes. They also offer credit cards that are offered to help customers make payments rather than pay the full price at time of purchase.

How do I go about making an online payment for my Bowflex credit card?

  • Go to the Synchrony Financial website at
  • Enter your user name and password
  • For those who would like to have your user name saved, click the “Remember me” check box
  • Click “Go

Synchrony Financial Login for Bowflex credit payments

  • Place your mouse over the tab near the top of the screen that says “Payments” and a dropdown will appear
  • In the dropdown, click the “Make a Payment” link
  • Choose the amount you’re going to pay toward your Bowflex credit account
  • Input your banking information
  • Submit your payment
  • Verify the details of and finalize your payment

How do I create an online account for my Bowflex credit card?

As you can see circled (and pointed to) with purple in the image from the last question, there is a “Register” button in the Synchrony login box (which you can find available on any page from that site: For example it’s even on their informational page about private label cards) that you will want to click to get in to the account creation forms for your Bowflex credit card account. Enter all of the required fields and when you are done you will have a user name and password to manage your account online.

Is there anything else I should know about making online payments for my Bowflex credit card?

Yes, there is actually a pressing issue that I would like to discuss. For some reason or another, Capital One’s HRS Account page is active on their website at The reason this is a problem in my eyes is because Capital One is usually pretty diligent in taking their account management sites offline as soon as a contract is moved to another financial institution. However, the web addresses that I have referenced through this article all come from the Nautilus company’s own websites, which lead me to believe that it is only Synchrony (and HELPCard*) which new credit accounts are being issued through.


*Those with HELPCard accounts should call (800) 935-3368 and dial extension 475 for assistance with their cards.

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