How to Pay Your BMW Credit Card Bill Online

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What can you tell me about BMW and the credit cards they offer?

As you know, BMW is a German luxury vehicle company that primarily sells small, somewhat sporty cars. And, while they are most well-known for that line of products, they also offer a few credit cards that their customers can partake in. They have three credit cards available, which are the BMW Card, BMW Signature Card and the BMW Ultimate Card. For the most part, they all work exactly the same, but the different cards provide varying degrees of rewards and points earning available. The instructions offered in this article are applicable to all three of these cards.

Why would BMW be issuing credit cards?

Although it might seem a little odd to you that BMW offers people a consumer credit card (I found it weird, to be honest), a lot of car manufacturers actually have credit cards available for their customers. And while it might be a little surprising that vehicle builders actually issue these kinds of cards, it actually makes a lot of sense considering they spend so much time working with loans and leases, so it would actually be surprising if BMW and other car companies didn’t have this service, don’t you think?

How do I activate my new BMW credit card?

If you have recently received a BMW credit card in the mail, you can make it usable by activating it on their online account activation page, which you can get to by clicking here. Fill out the form and click submit to get your card working.

How do I create an account to log in to the BMW credit card site?

With your account activated, you probably would like to set up your login credentials for the site now. Head on over to the BMW online services enrollment page. The first page in enrollment is very similar to the card activation page, but that is so you and your card can be properly credited to your account. Continue going through the forms until you have completely created your account.

How do I make a payment on my BMW credit card?

  • Go to
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Click the “LOG IN” button

BMW Credit Card Login

  • In the Payment Services menu, click “Make a One-Time Online Payment
  • Choose to input a payment method and enter your banking information
  • Select the amount you wish to pay
  • Choose the payment date
  • Click “Continue” then submit your payment
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