How to Pay Your BJ’s Perks MasterCard Bill

BJ's Perks Credit Cards

What can you tell me about BJ’s and the BJ’s Perks MasterCard?

BJ’s is a warehouse club retail chain that operates pretty similarly to the way that other warehouse chains like Sam’s Club and Costco do. Originally a part of the TJX Companies lineup of stores, BJ’s became its own business in the late 1980s after TJX made some large changes with the way it works. As far as warehouse stores are concerned, the stuff offered at BJ’s is fairly standard fare with products ranging from a large grocery area to mid-range electronics.

How would I go about making an online account for my BJ’s Perks MasterCard?

Upon going to the BJ’s Perks MasterCard registration page, the first thing you will be asked is whether or not you know what your credit card number is. Whether you do or not is kind of irrelevant as you can still create your login for the Comenity page even if you don’t have your card number. Either way, go through the required forms to get your account set up and running and when you are finished with all of them you will have a user name and password to use for managing your card online, including making payments as discussed in the next question.

What do I need to do to make a payment online for my BJ’s Perks MasterCard bill?

  • Head over to the BJ’s Perks MasterCard payment portal at
  • Enter your user name and password as created during the registration process
  • If you would like your user name stored for future visits, click the “Remember me” check box
  • Click the red “Sign in” button

BJ s Perks MasterCard Credit Card Login

  • Head to the bill payment section
  • Choose how much you want to pay
  • Input your bank account information when the site asks for it
  • Submit your payment and confirm your details to complete the transaction

What other BJ’s Perks MasterCard Payment Options were you able to find out about?

BJ’s offers a couple of other payment methods for those of you who do not want to pay your bills online or those who simply can’t access the Comenity site for whatever reason.

BJ’s Perks MasterCard Pay by Phone Number

For those of you who would like to make your payment over the phone, you can do so by calling the BJ’s Perks MasterCard customer service number at (855) 269-1622.

BJ’s Perks MasterCard EFT Payments

To set up automated payments directly from your financial institution, contact your bank’s customer service to set it up.

BJ’s Perks MasterCard Mail-in Payments

To get the mailing address for your credit card with BJ’s, you will have to reference the bill you received in the mail or login to the site as described above and go to the Account Center to find the address.

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