How to Make an American Express Payment

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What can you tell me about American Express?

There really isn’t much to tell as far as American Express is concerned considering the brand is one of the most recognizable in the world. As you should know (especially considering you have found yourself to this page), American Express is a credit card company that offers its customers a number of card solutions that range from personal use to business rewards.

If you would like to apply for an American Express credit card, you can do so at the company’s homepage at You can also apply over the phone by calling (800) 243-3888.

For those of you who still need to activate your card, get that taken care of at the activation page.

How do I make a payment online?

In a previous iteration of this article, I had mentioned that the website to go to is I’m sorry to have to inform you that address no longer works, so if any of you were sent to a bad page, my sincere apologies.

  • Go to the American Express login page
  • Click the dropdown box and select your account type (in most situations its default selection should be fine)
  • Enter your user ID and Password
  • Click “Remember Me” (if you are on a private computer)
  • Click Log In

American Express Login and Account Create

  • Go to the invoice payment portion of your selected card
  • Select your payment details like payment amount
  • Input your payment information (checking account number and your bank’s routing number)
  • Submit and confirm your payment

How do I make login credentials to sign in online?

Considering you can’t even complete the above instructions without having a user ID and password, you will actually have to get this done before attempting the former. Anyway, head over to the American Express credit card online account set up page and fill out all of the information requested by the site. Once completed, you will have made a user ID and password, to use for online management of your credit card.

Can I make a payment over the phone?

Yes, you sure can. For those of you would like to make a payment by using your phone, you can call American Express at (800) 472-9297. Just call the number and complete your payment as instructed by the automated system.

How about through the mail? What’s the mailing address?

If you would prefer to mail your payments in to American Express for your credit card balance, make a check or money order out to them and write your account number on it. Send it to the following address:

American Express mail

For overnight payments, send the check or money order to:

American Express overnight payments adress

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