How to Pay an Amazon Store Credit Card Bill

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What’s up with Amazon and their store credit card?

Unlike many other store credit cards, Amazon’s can only be used online (for –hopefully- obvious reasons). However, for the most part, it will work just like any of your other credit cards when shopping online in that you will enter the information for it at checkout to make purchases through and a handful of their subsidiary companies. As Amazon stores all payment methods used for future purchases, any subsequent payments that you want to use it for will mean just selecting it as your payment option.

Amazon’s store credit cards are managed by Synchrony bank, which is the new name for GE Capital. And, though some of you might have been (wrongly) informed that the web address to go to for payments is, that is incorrect. I will link to the proper address in this post.

Can I use my Amazon login information to pay my bill online or do I need to create a new account with Synchrony?

You can’t use your regular login credentials to make payments. To create your account, go to the Online Credit Center’s account registration page. Enter all of the requested information into the fields and once your account has been fully created you can move on to the next question to complete your online payment.

How do I pay my store credit card bill online?

  • Go to the (correct) account management page at
  • Enter your user ID and click the button that says “Sign in using our secure server

Amazon Store Credit Card Login and Account Creation Links

  • Enter your password when prompted if the image displayed matches the security image you chose during the account creation process
  • Place your mouse over the tab that says “Payments” and a dropdown menu will appear
  • In the dropdown, click the “Make a Payment” link
  • Enter your banking information (account and routing numbers)
  • Submit the payment to Synchrony
  • Verify the accuracy of the payment details and click “Make a Payment

What address can I mail my Amazon credit card payment to?

For those of you who would like to make a payment through traditional mail, prepare a check or money order made out to Synchrony/Amazon and write your account number on it. Mail it to the following address:

Synchrony amazon adress bill

Is there a phone number that I can call to make payments on my Amazon store card balance?

There is, it’s an automated system that will give you directions that you can follow to complete your card payment over the phone.

What is it?

Oh, right. It’s (866) 634-8379 :)

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