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What kind of organization is Capital One, anyway?

Although it sure as heck might spend a ton of time attempting to look like it is a bank itself, Capital One is actually an organization type that is known as a bank holding company. A bank holding company, for those of you who don’t feel like reading a Wikipedia article right now, is a business that controls a bank or banks but isn’t actually a bank. Confusing, right?

Okay, think of it like this. A bank holding company is a company that holds banks and allows them to operate under the company’s banner without making said company a bank itself. I hope that clarifies it a bit. If not, go read the Wikipedia article if you really care to.


What kind of services does Capital One offer?

Capital One primarily deals with lines of credit like home and auto loans as well as some banking services, but their bread and butter is, as you probably know, the credit card industry.


How can I activate a new Capital One card?

Capital One Card Activation Login and Registration

  • Click the message near the top of the page that says “Activate My New Card” (it might say something different for you, but it’ll be similar to that)
  • You will be asked to select which card or cards you want to activate
  • Enter the requested information to complete activation and submit the Capital One card activate request
  • Go spend your money! (Responsibly, please!)


 How do I create an account for online access?

In the image above, I circled the “Start Here” button. Go to that same website by clicking here and click that button. You will be guided through a series of questions and short forms to complete, after completing each series, click the Continue button until your account is fully created.


What else can I do with an online account beyond just activating my cards?

Through the Capital One website, you can view your account balance, schedule payments, set up linked bank accounts and more. The most important part for you will probably be the online credit card payments available through the site.


Who should I call if I have questions about any of this stuff?

Should you encounter any problems with the Capital One website or your new Capital One card, call their customer service line by dialing (800) 432-3117. On another note about calling Capital One, there was probably a sticker on your new card with a phone number you could call to activate it, so that’s an option, too (but I really recommend having an online account, anyway).

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