How to Pay Your AAA Credit Card Balance

AAA Member Rewards credit card

Isn’t AAA an auto insurance company? Why are they offering credit cards?

Yes, AAA might be a car insurance provider, but that does not mean they are bound to one industry. Considering how much effort the company puts into providing excellence in service and products, it makes perfect sense that they would offer a credit card managed through Bank of America. With both of these companies being considered the pinnacle in their respective industries, this collaborative effort between AAA and Bank of America should be one of the most trustworthy business partnerships in history.

The addition of credit cards to AAA’s line of products just makes them more accessible overall and helps the company offer even more solutions than previously available.

How can I make a payment on my AAA Credit Card account balance?

Making a payment online for you AAA credit card though BofA is pretty easy to take care of, just follow these steps:

  • Head over to
  • You should see a welcome message, click the blue “Continue” button or the “close” link
  • Type in your Online ID and click “Sign In
    Bank of America AAA credit card login
  • Enter your password if the displayed picture is your security image
  • If the AAA credit card page, go to pay bill
  • Enter your billing information when requested, including the date and amount for withdraw
  • Submit your payment
  • Verify your payment details
  • Finalize your payment

You may have noticed the green highlights in the image above, that is the link that you’re going to want to follow if you don’t have an online account for your card yet.

Can I make a payment by phone?

Yes, you can. To pay your AAA credit card account over the phone, call (888) 339-6262. Make sure to have your banking information ready before you call, which includes your account number and your bank’s routing number, as well as your AAA credit card account information.

Who should I contact if I have run into problems?

In most cases, you will want to get in touch with Bank of America concerning any issues with your AAA credit card. You can access customer service regarding your AAA credit card account by calling (800) 655-1491. Before calling them, though, you may want to take a look through the AAA Member Rewards Visa credit card FAQs and check if your question has already been answered.

What else can I do while logged in to the site?

More than just for paying bills, will allow customers to look up bank statements and set up email and mobile alerts.

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